Nursing Insurance Jobs In US with visa sponsorship

Nursing Insurance Jobs In US, are you a certified nurse with a current license from a local institution of higher learning? There is no need to be concerned when looking for nursing employment in the USA. To advance your career, increase your skill set, and experience a different culture, you can search for and apply for nursing jobs in the USA online as a foreign national.

The United States is now lacking in qualified nurses. Hospitals and families are therefore looking for qualified nurses from all around the world. This deficit is largely due to the aging population and an increase in insurance coverage.

The COVID-19 Pandemic probably played a role in the state’s severe nursing shortage. As a result, there is justification for the quick hiring of qualified nurses from all around the United States of America.

Applying for foreigner-only nursing positions in the USA gives you the possibility to advance your career and push yourself. You may have be aware that the United States of America, particularly for nursing careers, is undoubtedly a place of golden opportunity.

The best places in the USA can be explored by foreigners before deciding where to work or settle as registered nurses. Additionally, if you apply for foreign nurse jobs in the United States, you may be eligible for free visa sponsorship. In the end, there are many opportunities available to you in America as a professional nurse that aren’t available elsewhere in the world.

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Why Should I Apply for Nursing Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

Compared to other countries, the USA offers nurses a variety of opportunities, as was already mentioned. In addition to the fact that being a nurse in the US can pay off well, there are other advantages you can enjoy as well.

  • Medical Insurance Coverage.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage.
  • Flexible Work Schedule.
  • 401(K) Retirement Plan.
  • Professional Training and access to advanced facilities.
  • Free Visa Sponsorship and Accommodation.
  • Sponsored U.S License Application Cost.
  • Worker Compensation Insurance.
  • Paid Holiday
  • Competitive Salary and other benefit packages.

When you apply for Nursing Jobs in the USA for Foreigners, you can enjoy the aforementioned benefits. However, it is important to keep in mind that perks can differ from company to firm. Nevertheless, you have the ability to increase your skill set and advance your profession.

Salary for Nursing Jobs in the United States

Because you can make a sizable pay based on your expertise and credentials, working as a nurse in the United States can be very rewarding. U.S. News 2020 predictions and figures, however, show that nurses in America make an average salary of $75,330.

The lowest paid can make around $61,600 annually, while the most paid can make about $93,600. Additionally, in addition to your income, you can enjoy the above-mentioned advantages and bonuses.

Best Cities in the USA for Foreigners to Apply for Nursing Jobs

We have collated the highest paying cities in America and the typical compensation a professional nurse may make to help you select the best city in the USA to apply for a nursing career. When looking for a nursing career in the United States, consider applying to the following cities:

Cities in the USA Average Salary
California $120,600
Hawaii $104,800
Massachusetts $96,250
Oregon $96,200
Alaska $95,300

How to Apply for Nursing Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

It’s difficult to apply for nursing employment in the United States of America. because it necessitates distinct needs and documentation. You might need to have at least two years of work experience, be fluent in English, and hold a current license in order to be one of the qualified applicants, here are some recommendations and steps to take.

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Step 1:  Complete and Pass the NCLEX RN Exam

The first step in finding a nursing employment in the US as a foreigner is to finish and pass the NCLEX RN Exam. It is a required nurse licensure exam that aids in determining whether your knowledge and experience satisfy the standards set by American hospitals.

The NCLEXT RN Exam is offered at all testing facilities across the world. You’ll be qualified to work as a licensed nurse in the United States once you pass the exam.

Step 2: Search for Visa Sponsorship for Nursing Jobs

The following step is to look up or browse nursing positions in the US that can sponsor a visa. In the US, the majority of hospitals and healthcare institutions sponsor eligible candidates for visas. You can do a search online or contact any employment agency in the US to learn about available nursing positions with visa sponsorship.

Step 3: Start your Registration/Application

Once you have identified nursing positions in the US that sponsor visas, you are prepared to submit an online application through the employer’s website.

You must submit your basic personal information, including your full name, gender, age, and other details, as well as a working email address and mobile number. Additionally, attach your CV or resume for a full review.

Step 4: Relocate to the United States

Once you’ve submitted your application and been given the go-ahead for visa sponsorship, it’s finally time to move to the United States of America.

We at AdventHealth believe that a balance of physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being is the key to achieving comprehensive health. Our interdisciplinary care teams offer a wide range of services while taking into account the particular circumstances of each patient. We do this by combining cutting-edge technology with a sincere desire to deliver the best possible care.

Additionally, our team members receive first-rate care in the form of extensive health benefits, a welcoming, faith-based work environment, and a wealth of learning and development opportunities.

Recent nursing graduates from American colleges are now eligible for visa sponsorship through AdventHealth. Through the adjustment of status process, our Visa Sponsorship program will petition for a Green Card for the nurse, and AdventHealth will pay the legal and filing costs. If you are about to graduate from a nursing program in the United States or have recently completed, you are eligible for this opportunity.

Top Reasons to Work at AdventHealth

Recent nursing graduates from American colleges are now eligible for visa sponsorship through AdventHealth. Through the adjustment of status process, our Visa Sponsorship program will petition for a Green Card for the nurse, and AdventHealth will pay the legal and filing costs. If you are about to graduate from a nursing program in the United States or have recently completed, you are eligible for this opportunity.

Precepted clinicals combined with didactics
Clinical Ladder to encourage progression
Financial aid for BSN and MSN degrees
a full range of medical and dental coverage
Wellness Incentives: You can make up to $250 annually.
Savings for retirement
Afternoon, Evening, Weekend, and Holiday Differentials for Shift
Immigrant Visa Paid by Employer Sponsorship for qualified applicants

Campus Locations for Nurse Residency Program

  • Multiple Florida locations including:
  • Greater Tampa / Ocala / Sebring
  • Greater Daytona / Tavares
  • Greater Orlando
  • Calhoun, GA
  • Merriam, KS
  • Manchester, KY
  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Killeen, TX
  • Burleson, TX
  • Durand, WI

Units Offered

The following units may offer new graduate RN full-time positions (availability varies for each start date dependent on campus needs

  • Medical/Surgical Specialty
  • PCU
  • Critical Care
  • Emergency Department
  • Women and Children Specialties

You Will Be Responsible For:

The registered nurse is in charge of managing and supervising the daily operations of the associated clinical activities as well as providing coordinated nursing care for a patient or a designated group of patients within a patient care unit, utilizes assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation nursing abilities when providing patient care.

Job Summary

To provide and oversee direct and indirect total nursing care to designated age-specific groups, the nurse resident is in charge, uses the nursing process to achieve the objectives of the nursing department (assessing, planning, executing, and evaluating).

In order to successfully complete the training program, experienced nurses and nursing residents will eventually transfer to autonomous practice, during the training program, all major duties and responsibilities will be directly supervised by a preceptor, obeys the AdventHealth Corporate compliance Plan as well as all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations as well as those of accrediting organizations, participates actively in providing exceptional customer service and accepts responsibility for preserving connections that are equally respectful to all.

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