List of jobs in UK with high salary 2023 – Apply now!

List of jobs in UK with high salary 2023, obtaining a degree or a professional certificate will greatly boost your earning potential despite the escalating expense of tuition and professional qualification fees. We have also selected the top 15 jobs without a degree in case you are not interested in occupations that demand a college degree or if you have a useless degree and are unsure of what to do with it.

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When selecting a career for oneself, there are several things to take into account.

When picking a career, some people place personal drive, flexibility, and job happiness at the top of their list, while others think about financial gains. If you fit into the latter category, there are a variety of occupations across several industries where you can make much more money.

Fitness, healthcare, finance, engineering, technology, law, human resources, and other sectors are among them. In order to give you all the information you require, this article will cover the average income as well as the starting and highest salaries for each job. Glassdoor and Payscale were used to get all salary information.

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1. Personal Trainer

Average Salary – £27,000

Starting Salary: £20,000

Highest Salary – £126,000 for elite personal trainers

A personal trainer has the knowledge and skills to help clients through fitness routines and coaching achieve their goals.

Personal training is a great way to earn money; according to Payscale, you may make up to £126,600 per year in some of London’s top gyms, or £120 each personal training session. Since 2014, the fitness industry has grown, making this an excellent time to launch a career in a field that is in great demand.

There are other choices, including enrolling in personal training courses, working as a personal trainer at a gym or fitness center, or even starting your own personal training business. Additionally, you can help members in your community by using your personal training expertise.

2. Chief Executive Officer

Average Salary – £77,711

Starting Salary – £47,846

Highest Salary -£96,930

What is involved?

Chief Executives, commonly referred to as CEOs or Managing Directors, are typically the most senior members of any organization in the UK, and they receive the highest average pay. Chief executives are in control of the entire organization and can operate in both the public and private sectors. They also make crucial decisions that will increase the company’s value.

They typically report directly to a board of directors, to whom they receive their job description. Additionally, for this position, you must have a business-related degree, postgraduate credentials like an MBA, leadership abilities, appropriate experience, and a history of making wise business judgments.

3. Entrepreneur

Average Salary – £101,000

Starting Salary – £18,000

Highest Salary – £181,000

What is involved?

Entrepreneurs are those who establish a firm, and since they have the power to make or break it, their pay ranges from as little as £18,000 to as much as several million dollars. Entrepreneurs’ ideas typically originate from their skills, interests, passions, or unique personal circumstances and are frequently developed in response to a lucrative market opportunity.

While all businesspeople require a creative mind to identify trends and possibilities, not all entrepreneurs create entirely original products. Similar to this, a fitness expert might work with an entrepreneur who can help them advertise their fitness business and create a successful firm.

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4. Strength and Conditioning Coach

Average Salary – £27,898

Starting Salary – £24,000

Highest salary- £80,000

What is involved:

A strength and conditioning coach is in charge of creating and upholding a program that has been specifically designed for each of their clients. Due of the opportunity it offers to learn about sports and athletic performance, this position is a fantastic alternative for a work without a degree.

It’s crucial to note that earning the highest income of £80,000 per year requires several years of professional expertise and collaboration with high-end clientele.


5. Chief Financial Officer

Average Salary – £97,646

Starting Salary – £71,216

Highest Salary – £112,079

What is involved?

A chief financial officer (CFO) oversees and directs the business’s financial operations in order to foster long-term expansion. They are in charge of creating budgets, making plans, examining the company’s financial situation, and offering advice and corrective actions to increase earnings. Since there are no specific qualifications needed for this position, you will have to advance via the ranks. However, your prospects can be improved with relevant experience and a finance-related degree from a professional organization like ACCA or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

6. Lawyer

Average Salary – £48,414

Starting Salary – £40,956

Highest Salary -£65,000

What is involved?

A law degree is required for the position of a lawyer, who provides legal counsel to both individuals and businesses. You can practice law in the UK as a barrister or solicitor. Lawyer help is offered by solicitors, not barristers, who represent their clients in court. In addition, you can specialize in several areas of law, such as corporate law, commercial law, family law, or criminal litigation.

7. Orthodontist

Average Salary – £77,757

Starting Salary – £50,335

Highest Salary – £82,738

What is involved?

Orthodontists are dentists with specialized training in treating tooth and jaw alignment. They treat everyone, but often work with adolescents and young children whose jaws and teeth are still developing to determine whether they require braces, retainers, orthodontic headgear, or teeth-straightening surgery. Prior to beginning your training as an orthodontist, you must have a degree in dentistry.

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8. Information Technology Manager

Average Salary – £40,607

Starting Salary -£30,819

Highest Salary -£46,181

What is involved?

Senior management in the organization, IT managers are in charge of all purchases and installations of hardware and software. Through the many areas of the business, they oversee and manage the IT activities. Additionally, they provide technical guidance, spot necessary upgrades, update software, and help staff members as needed. Although it is not necessary, having a degree in computer science can help you stand out from the competition.

9. Cybersecurity Specialist

Average Salary – $31,260

Starting Salary – £29,274

Highest Salary – £46,244

What is involved?

The demand for cybersecurity expertise has never been higher due to the rise in cybercrime and fraud. To safeguard their security and privacy, businesses in many industries need cybersecurity experts. A cybersecurity apprenticeship or degree is also required to work in this field.

10. Accountant

Average Salary – £29,707

Starting Salary – £24,052

Highest Salary – £36.921

What is involved?

From tax guidance to payroll and financial accounting, accountants assist their clients with everything accounting-related. They can work as accounting consultants in accounting firms and other businesses, and their starting pay may vary depending on the nature and size of the business. Additionally, you need credentials from a professional organization like ACCA or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in addition to an accounting degree to work in the accounting sector.

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11. Financial Institution Manager

Average Salary – £35,085

Starting Salary – £27,802

Highest Salary – £41,451

What is involved?

Hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and money are under the management of bank and insurance managers. They are also in charge of running the financial institution. You require banking or finance experience and must pass the Financial Conduct Authority’s fit and suitable exam in order to become a manager in a bank or insurance institution.

12. Professor

Average Salary – £75,115

Starting Salary – £61,319

Highest Salary – £78,213

What is involved?

Professors are among the senior members of the academic staff, and the majority of them pursue careers in either research or teaching. Depending on the individual’s experience, they are typically among the highest paying professions in the UK. A PhD, a master’s degree, and a lot of professional experience are also required for the lengthy process of becoming a professor.

13. Investment Banker

Average Salary – £59,021

Starting Salary – £45,000

Highest Salary – £91,100

What is involved?

Business appraisals, future acquisition scenarios, and investor outreach are the responsibilities of investment bankers. You need experience in equities and contact analysis and a degree or certificate in finance to work as an investment banking associate.

14. Dentist

Average Salary – £50,941

Starting Salary – £36,201

Highest Salary – £70,000

What is involved?

To become a dentist, you must earn a degree in dentistry. Once you are one, you can either run your own dental office or work for the government. Dentists can work as consultants as well. Additionally, the number of years you worked as a consultant has a big impact on how much money you make as a dentist.

15. Actuary

Average Salary – £60,020

Starting Salary – £30,112

Highest Salary – £98,113

What is involved?

Actuaries are professionals in the corporate world who use economic, financial, mathematical, and statistical analysis to evaluate financial risks and address operational issues. They work in a variety of industries, including corporate finance, banking, insurance, and health care. Passing the actuarial exams is a requirement for success in this field, and essential skills include risk management, data analysis, data administration, and data-backed decision-making.

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